We’re a full-service video production company; this means we can develop and manage a project from the early conceptual stages, right through to production and final delivery. We’re there for you every step of the way. However, we understand that our clients may just need some assistance with one aspect of their project and we also love to help by providing a range of tailored video services.

Creative Development
Creativity alone is never enough. We like to understand audiences and to know what works effectively on different platforms. As a creative company we have ideas at our heart. Brilliant ideas that set us apart from being ‘just another video production company’. However, we are also very practical and we like to test our ideas in the real world, strip them right back; not resting until the creative concept is fully-formed.

We have a skilled crew, experienced in everything from Broadcast TV to corporate work and events. Directors, Producers, DOPs, Camera Operators, Sound Recordists, DITs, Runners and everything in-between. With a wealth of experience, comes a wealth of knowledge which gives us an upper hand when working on your project.

Video Editing
Whether it’s a big project you’re working on, or a small one, all videos need to be carefully crafted to make sure you’re getting the best out of your content. We have an in-house edit suite and editors working in Premiere Pro and After Effects. We can help with anything, from a single day fast-turnaround project that you just need the final touches on, or get our teeth into a to full a broadcast series. Away from our studio with also have a provide editing services on location for fast turn around jobs, topical events, news and online campaigns. Our edit suite are available for dry & wet hire.

Sound Studio
Sound brings your video to life. We have an in-house sound studio complete with a voice-over recording booth. Our sound engineers work on Pro-tool and we can help you with anything from a short voice over session, to a final broadcast sound mix. Our sound studio available for dry & wet hire.

Motion Graphics
2D and 3D motion graphics, incorporated with live action footage or animation can be a great way of visually getting your story across. Our creative team specialises in high-end motion graphics, including kinetic typography, 2D & 3D visualisation, animated logos and dynamic infographics. We have a huge range of skills we can put to use to make your project one of a kind.

Archive Management
Video files take up a huge amount of storage space and managing those files takes a lot of time and dedication. We provide hard and cloud media storage, as well as storage management services to our clients. We get to understand your valuable content in detail, helping you to keep it safe and accessible in a cost effective way.