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Rampage Studio creates a film for Experian and it’s all about Life

Experian, the UK’s number one credit expert, approached Rampage Studio about creating an emotive short film on the subject of life. The brief was simple: the film had to be both engaging and memorable.

Director Ben Campbell dreamed up a concept that sees a guy sitting on a park bench delivering a monologue on the dazzling journey that is life and the various experiences it furnishes us all with. To add some extra theatre to the film, the man acts out the various experiences as little ‘skits’.

rampage_studios_-16 rampage_studios_-22

Once Rampage had the green light Producer Carlos Saiani set about bringing the film to life. Rampage pulled together a fantastic cast and crew who shot the film on a sunny June day in Greenwich Park, London. Director of Photography Will Priesner and his team had their work cut out for them shooting to a tight schedule (enforced by 1st Assistant Director Terry Ashby) whilst utilising the available daylight to save precious time.

 Senior Rampage Editor Matt Newton-Walters was on cutting duties during post-production, turning around the final 2 minute and 30 second film along with three 30 second social media cut-downs in the space of a week.

 The film’s vibrant and sunny look was applied in DaVinci Resolve by Ramage’s Colourist Mar S. Prieto.

rampage_studios_-26 rampage_studios_-28

We’re very happy with the final film and can’t thank enough everyone who brought their talent to the production. After all, we’ve all had experiences of Joy… like watching your team at the big match…

The final film can be watched on You Tube here

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