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Its a Conspiracy! How we made a one take music video the old fashioned way.

Tim Peach, friend of Rampage, musical whiz and long time creative collaborator, had an idea to create a music video that was one long, continuous shot with no cuts. He asked us if we’d like to do it and we said “yes”.The story of how Rampage brought Conspiracy to life really is that simple.It’s a neat idea to do something in one long take. Many creatives approaching a concept like this would instantly think of clever ways to film it in short takes and then make it look like it was done in one long take using some very complicated techniques during post-production.That was not our approach when making Conspiracy. Simplicity was the key and also the charm to this video. It really is one hand held take.The song tells the story of Momo:tempo and his obsession with various women who have left him in the past. He just can’t figure out why they’ve left him because he is a really, really great guy. There must be something wrong with these girls, right? In order to think this conundrum through Momo  created an evidence wall of all the objects that remind him of the girls he’s dated (Objects he probably found whilst searching through their bins…) The music video pans along this wall as Momo tells us about the girls who have jilted him.“There’s gotta be reason why they’re wanting to leave me!?”



Tim had roughly designed the wall layout and had a list of all the props needed which he sourced prior to filming (apart from the wall clock, which was from Ben’s kitchen). The main thing we needed was a room which could be dressed to look as if a crazy guy lived there. It just so happened that Rampage was moving into a new studio which is a lovely Victorian era space complete with grand fireplaces. It had the perfect look for the video.

It took Tim and the Rampage crew one and a half days to dress the room for the video, sticking loads of objects to the wall and linking them together with red string, as you do.

Shooting the video was incredibly simple and the only really tricky thing was the choreography! Ben had to listen to the conspiracy track playback on a laptop and work out exactly when to hit each key moment in the music with a relevant prop on the wall whilst stepping on and off a metal box and keeping it all in focus. I mean, how tricky can that be?

Lighting was a challenge as we had to position a spot light high enough for Ben not to cast shadows onto the wall. We ended up attaching a Dedo light to a frame on the far side of the room as close to the ceiling as possible. It worked a treat and in the final part of the video when we reveal Tim sitting in the chair it looks like the wall is illuminated by the floor lamp.


Tim 1


The video was shot hand held using a Canon C300 with a Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L.

We ended up shooting 74 takes of the video beacuse if Ben messed up half way through he would have to start all over again! Out of those 74 takes we managed to get 5 complete takes.

Once we had the footage of the wall in the can we shot footage of Tim signing to camera. This footage was composited into the polaroids pined to the wall.

After all the footage was cut together in Final Cup Pro it was passed on to After Effects whiz Richard William Preisner who did a amazing job of tracking the footage of Tim into the polaroids. Afterwards the video was passed on to Rampage colourist Mar S. Prieto who gave the video its fantastic 1960’s spy thriller-esque look.

We documented the making of Conspiracy in a fun little video which you can watch below. We’re really happy with the final music video and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who put their time and talent into making it. Thank you!



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